Wednesday words

Fighting sadness is a necessary war – Upile Chisala


Note to you

sigh* The end of the week is here.  You are done with all your responsibilities of the week, breathe! You have been doing great my darling.  Enjoy the Friday, do something you love (for me that’s catching a read on a good book:) )…


Take good care of yourself.  You are amazing, don’t forget that, and this whole life thing, don’t worry, you got it under wraps…



You know that point in your life where you are just faced with yourself, how you feel and what you know – tough times.  But again in those moments you get to learn so much about life, yourself and other people (who you thought you knew, only to find out you really don’t)

  1. You learn to love yourself because you finally, finally realise that you cant build homes out of people, they are not reliable, the person you would drown for is the very person holding you down in water and drowning you.  Life is tricky is f*&^ though – but hey, we are still living, gaining wisdom and most importantly we are learning.
  2. Know when its time to cut toxic people out of your life (this is so important for you) – at times we cling onto people so much because we feel that we have so much history with them, or we have known them for so much time or that we cant live without them – but at the very same time those very same people are the ones causing us sleepless nights, making us cry ourselves to sleep every night because we feel so drained; do you know how draining it is to pour yourself into a friendship/ relationship and put in so much effort yet you are not even getting half that effort back, there is nothing more draining than that, it leaves you lifeless, it eats at you.  So my take is that save your energy, it is going to be hard (like really insanely difficult) but do it! for your owns sake, for your happiness, for your peace, DO IT. Those people do not deserve to be in your life.

I wish you pure love and light…

Live well darling:)


It has been quite a while since I wrote something ( by a while I mean a very long  time).  Something just hit me this past weekend that got me thinking deep and hard.  Allow me to be specific for a minute.  As girls do we understand the concept of SELF-LOVE? like do we honestly genuinely get that concept?

I feel like most of us settle into situations because we fear that what we might lose, we will never get elsewhere again, we hold onto so many toxic things that we feel like this is as good as it is ever going to get.  We fear! we fear change, no matter how necessary it is for us.  we always feel like whatever situation it is that we are in will change even if history has proven us wrong, do not get me wrong,  by history I mean the things that happened before that you thought would change but did not and still you kept telling yourself that nah things will be different somewhere somehow…at times people get so comfortable with you because they think they know who you are to that point, they are so comfortable because they know they will come back to you with their lame excuses and just lie to you with their sweet words and you will just fall for it.  At times switch off your ears to what the person says they will do and actually open your eyes wide to their actions and patterns, put an end to this ” will change, I will change” song.  when will it change?tell me, when!?  sometimes you have to be honest with yourself, you have to face yourself head on and just accept the brutal truth that somethings and some people are not going to change, no matter what you do.

so here is my advice.  stop letting fear of change hold you back, it is a terrifying feeling I know, you feel like your guts are about to be pulled out of your stomach, you suddenly run out of breath, your heart feels like it is going to stop beating at that very moment and you shake uncontrollably because you feel like you are about to lose the usual, what your are used to each and everyday.  But baby girl change is imperative at times, it comes to a point of choosing yourself over something that is really not good for you, and I really hope you get the courage to choose yourself … we only own ourselves at the end of the day.



you can hurt her, but, it will be temporary.  she knows how to love.  but she also knows how to love herself.  and if you cross that line where she has to choose.  understand you will lose.

-J M Storm




when I was a little girl I always wanted to grow up, go to varsity and just have my own life.  I thought everything was easy and given to you on a silver platter because I saw my mom and brother handle this GROWN up thing very easy….then I grew up and let me tell you it is not as easy as it seems. 99.9% of the time I do not want to get out of bed because I just feel like no matter how hard you try LIFE always kicks you where it knows that it will damage and hurt you the most…nah mahn this grown up life is hellur hard, nah let me rephrase that, life on its own is hard. You are  expected to be this strong steel hearted person who feels no pain and who cant get hurt, you are expected to always make right decision and to never make mistakes, to always be perfect in your imperfect ways and to always be happy even when your soul seems to be giving up on you….damn people this life is hard and it seems like it only gets worse from here….. So I say take a deep breath. Take it one day at a time, manage to get out of bed take a bath, have something to eat and just try to figure out this complicated undecided thing called life…sigh*

Do not lose yourself in the process



I know! I know! I have been a ghost right? ( well at least no one poured poison in my ear and replaced me; Hamlet).  Talking about Hamlet, I am busy reading it now in the library ( quiet place I tell you, you are not even allowed to breathe in here).  Well the reason I went A-wall is that school work was just getting too much (not that anything has changed though), I tell you being a student is hard work and yet when you finish varsity these companies want you to have 3 to 4 years experience of work, DUH!!!! hello what have I been doing in varsity this whole time ahhh (hands on head)…

Ooh well let me get back to the Prince of Denmark and leave you to having a good day